1.1.A.1 Accessing backup JC key box at 243 Montgomery St

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Backup Keybox at 243 Montgomery St

The keybox is above the mailboxes next to the building entrance

Opening the keybox

1. Punch in the code.

2. Turn the handle clockwise and pull open, turn this knob counterclockwise to close the box when you are done.

3. If the box won't open push the button in the middle down to reset.

Maintaining Keys

We always want at least 5 keys for each apartment in this box, if one is running low be sure to have some duplicates made.

Key tag # vs lock location

  1. If you see any keys that have only one or two copies, be proactive, go out and make another 3 copies.
  2. Catanio Lock Co on 302 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ 07302 is the best (cash only) closes ~5:30pm
  3. You can also go to Downtown True Value on 152 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302 closes at 6:30pm


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