Backup Check-In Instructions Template for kingsley lockbox

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Please Read this Important Document Before Checking In

There will be a 4-digit code in your check-in instructions email, the Apartment Door Lockbox Code.

Please find this code in your check-in instructions email before attempting to check-in.

Step 2: Locate the backup lockbox

Step 3: Open Lockbox using the 4-Digit Code

Rotate the dials so that the code is lined up with the right-most edge of the lockbox and pull the box down.

Please make sure to always leave one set of keys in the lockbox to help prevent you from being locked out. Please also make sure to rotate the dials after closing the lockbox to prevent unauthorized access

View this video for more info:

Step 4: Take one key from lockbox to open door and then return the key to the lockbox

There should be one key in this lockbox, you may take one with you for the duration of your stay but this NOT recommended.

If you have the code to the lockbox you should never need to take the key with you.

We recommend that you use the key to unlock the door, return the key to the lockbox, and then rotate the dials to re-lock the lockbox.

Step 5: Enjoy your stay!

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