Backup Check-In Instructions for The Slate 337

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

This is a video of the entire process:


Step 1: Go to stair 5

Stair 5 is down the hall to right of your apartment on the same floor (if you are facing the door).

Step 2: Use Backup Apartment Door Code to open lockbox

Follow these steps to open the lockbox:

Step 3: Close the lockbox! Set the code to 0000!

This step is very important, it will prevent other guests from having access to our lockbox.

We don't want other guests tampering with an open/unlocked lockbox.

Your security is very important to us.

Step 4: Use the key to open the door

Welcome back!

Step 5: Keep the key safe!

This key is expensive.

It is difficult to find the time and people to duplicate a lost key.

Please take good care of it while you are in the apartment.

Return the key to the lockbox when you leave the apartment.

We know it will take some extra time out of your day but we really appreciate your help!

Step 6: Have a wonderful day!

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