Check-In Instructions - 243 Montgomery #2

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Please Read this Important Document Before Checking In

There will be 2 codes in your check-in instructions email.

The first code is the Building Door Code.

The second code is the Apartment Door Code.

Please find these codes in your check-in instructions email before attempting to check-in.

Step 1: Find Building Entrance

Locate the Building door depicted below at

Step 2: Open Building Door

  1. Locate keypad on front door of the buildilng
  2. The code for the building was sent separately, The code is 6-


Step 3: Open Second Building Door

  1. The second building door sticks sometimes
  2. Just push hard on this door and it will open

Step 4: Find Apartment Door

Your apartment is located one flight of stairs up from the building entrance.

Your apartment is labeled "2."

Step 5: Open Apartment Door

  1. Find your apartment door (it is depicted in the photo below)
  2. Enter the code to your apartment door to unlock
  3. The code should be the last 4 digits of your phone number
  4. Press the check button to unlock (lower left hand corner)
  5. The same combination of key strokes is used to lock the door when leaving


Step 6: To lock the door when you exit use the the same code

To lock the door when you leave the apartment for the day use the same code!

Step 7: Enjoy your stay!

To lock door when leaving...

On your way out re-enter the Apartment Door Code.

This will lock the door.

Enjoy your stay!

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