Escalate a conversation

Updated 3 years ago by Jericka Lynn Seco

If you do not know the answer to a guest's question or are unsure of how you should answer, follow this guide to escalate the conversation to a team member.

Step 1: Add a comment to the conversation, so the team member know how to help you

Sometimes this will be obvious and you won't have to add this.

Step 2: Add the "Escalate- {City, State}" or "Escalate" tag

  • If the escalation is about a policy add the "Escalate" tag- this will notify the Head of Guest experience, who will help you answer according to the right policy
  • If the escalation is about a specific property or area add the "Escalate, {City, State}" tag- this will notify the city office staff, who will help you with property or local questions

If the issue is a maintenance issue or emergency, use the respective tag found here.

If the covnersation already has an escalate tag from a previous escalation, you must remove the tag and add the tag again to notify the correct team member.

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