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Public transportation

We highly recommend using a car rental rather than public transportation, however public transportation is possible in the area if you prefer it.

The area is serviced by Valley Metro and the nearest station is a bus-stop at University Dr & Dorsey Ln. This stop is adjacent to the The Hyve. This bus-stop has buses 30, 62 and FLSH. A bus comes to this stop every 7 to 15 minutes.

LTRL, is a rail service available in the area that will also connect to Sky Harbor Liberty International Airport (PHX). You can connect from The Hyve to PHX using a combination of the FLSH bus and LTRL. Below is an example of a potential route to take from PHX to The Hyve.

Please visit the Valley Metro website for more info (Click Here). Google Maps also offers accurate route suggestions with up-to-date arrival and departure times (Click Here).

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