3.18 Checking if reservation payments are complete

Updated 3 years ago by Thomas Berg

What is this?

A guide on how to check the status of payments for a specific Booking.com reservation.

We don't need to check if an Airbnb guest has paid because Airbnb handles payment for us

Why is this?

Sometimes we need to check to see if a guest is making payments on time.

This is important to us because if a guest hasn't been paying for their reservation then we cannot be sending them sensitive info such as checkin instructions.

We also need to reach out to them ASAP to fix the situation.

Why might payment fail?

Sometimes this happens because... 

  • their credit card info is incorrect
  • their credit card has insufficient funds
  • because our payment system has made an error
  • because their credit card company has marked the payment as fraud

What do I do?

In the Reservation page navigate to Financials

Scroll down to "PAYMENTS"

The relevant info is in in the pink box in the image below.
If "Total paid" is 0 then no payments have been successful, which is cause for concern.

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