Note that maintenance has started by adding the inprogress tag

Updated 3 years ago by Michael McKay

Follow this guide to add the inprogress tag to a conversation once maintenance has started on the issue. The "inprogress" tag should be added when the maintenance person has started to address the issue. They don't have to start the physical work to add the tag. Just start working on the issue.

E.g. if the maintenance person calls a plumber to set an appointment to fix a leaking sink, the "inprogress" tag should be added

Add the "inprogress" tag to the message that is in the Property maintenance inbox

This will do the folllowing:

  • Move the message to the "Maintenance- in progress inbox"
  • Let's your supervisor know that you have started to work on resolving the maintenance issue
  • Continue to communicate with the guest via email or SMS
  • Continue to communicate with other team members in the comments section

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