Airbnb security code

Updated 2 years ago by Jocelyn Panganiban

Sometimes when logging into Airbnb, the site will ask for verification via code. When this happens, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log into Airbnb

  1. Go to
  2. Use Keeper to login. Select the correct Airbnb account from the dropdown,

Step 2: Select "Get code by email" and click next

Step 3: Go to the Guest Communication inbox on Front and locate the email with the security code

The subject line will say "You security code is..."

Step 4: Enter the security code from the email on Airbnb

Step 5: If the email option failed, select "Get code by phone SMS" and click next

Follow the same process above by looking for an SMS in the Guest Services inbox in Front.

Step 6: If the SMS option failed, select "Get code by phone call" and click next

You will receive a phone call via Aircall, the automated voice prompt will provide a code then follow the same process in entering the code to Airbnb.

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