243 Montgomery St - Building Amenities and Details

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243 Montgomery Building Type

This building is a townhouse. Townhouses are "walk ups," there isn't an elevator available. 

  • Unit 1 is the first floor (the ground floor).
  • Unit 2 is the second floor and requires one flight of stairs to access.
  • Unit 3 is the third floor and requires two flights of stairs to access.
  • Unit 4 is the fourth floor and requires 3 flights of stairs to access. 

Note: All 243 Montgomery apartments have Tub/Shower


  • Heating is supplied by floor mounted radiator units
  • The temperature is regulated by a dial thermostat on the wall in the living room


  • Air conditioning is supplied by wall mounted or floor model AC units
  • The temperature on these must be individually controlled via the buttons on their front panel or through the use of a remote


  • You may NOT have packages or mail delivered to this address

Amenities Closet is locatated in the hallway next to the stairs on the second floor.

Enter code 7669 to access it

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