Backup Keyfob Access #2

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

Step 1: Navigate to our backup access area

Click here to open its precise location in google maps.

Step 2: Locate the lockbox left of this side entrance

Step 3: Open the lockbox using the 4-digit code

One of our staff will read this code to you via phone call, SMS or email.

  1. Pull the lockbox cover toward you and down
  2. If it is dark out you can press the black button half-way down the front to illuminate the numbers
  3. Rotate the dials to enter the 4-digit code
  4. Pull down the button with the arrow on it, toward your feet.
  5. Take one set of keys out after opening the box
  6. Close the lockbox back up and set the code back to 0000, this is to prevent others from learning our code!
Please make sure to always close the lid and set the code back to 0000, we want to protect everyone's privacy and safety!

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