Adding a receipt, building, and notes to transaction in the app

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Follow this guide to add a receipt, bulding, and notes to a transaction in the Bento phone app. This should be done immediately after each purchase.

Step 1: Click transactions

Step 2: Click on the transaction you just made

If you see the blue receipt icon above the $ amount of a transaction, that means you have already uploaded a receipt for that transation.

Step 3: Click "Notes" and add notes about the transaction

This should include what the item was for. E.g. Replacing missing hairdryer.

Click Save once you have added notes.

Step 4: Click "Tags" and select one building from the list

You should select the building that you purchased the item for. You do not need to select a unit number.

Click save once you have made your selection.

If the items are for the supply closet or applicable to all properties in a city, you should select the city from this list. E.g. If you bought 50 pilowcases for the Jersey City supply closet, you should select "Jersey City" as the tag.

Step 5: Click "Take Receipt Photo"

Step 6: Take or upload a picture of the receipt

  1. If you want to take a new picture of the receipt, click "Take a new photo"
  2. If you already took a photo of the receipt and want to upload the picture, click "Choose from your photo library" and choose the photo of the receipt

Step 7: Crop the receipt

You can do this by using your finger to make an outline around the receipt.

Click save when you are done.

Step 8: Click back on the top left to go back to the main menu

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