Updating the check-in time for an early check-in on Virtual Key

Updated 2 years ago by Nishant Kumar

In this section we will see how to change the check-in time inside the VirtualKey system on a confirmed reservation that has paid for early check-in. If a guest needs to check-in early or check-out late for a property that has an electronic lock we will have to adjust the times in our VirtualKey system.

Step 1: Go to "Virtual Key" and search for reservation.


  • Click on "Reservations".
  • Find the reservation for which check-in time needs to be changed. E.g. We searched for the reservation between Jan 23-24, 2019 in the name of Lou.

Step 2: Click on the right arrow present next to reservation.

Clicking on the right arrow will expand the reservation and show more details.

Step 3: Click on "Edit" icon present next to "Check-in" time.

Step 4: Change "Check-In" time.

New Check-in time should be the time as requested by guest.

Step 5: Go to reservation in "Guesty" and add notes.

You should add a new about the changes done in "Virtual Key". E.g. "Virtual Key checkin/checkout time has been updated".

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