Charging the extra guest fee for, Homeaway (guesty payments)

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

If you charge the early check-in fee make sure to update the check-in time. Click this link.
Please also make sure to note this in the Guesty reservation!, HomeAway, Only Apartments

Please note that the video is for an early check-in fee, but the process is the same

For guests booked on any of the above platforms the Extra guest-fee must be charged through Guesty.

  • Locate the guest's reservation on Guesty.
  • Click on Financials tab
  • Click on "Add New Item" under "Invoice Items" section.
  • Enter details for new item.
  1. Description - Extra guest fees
  2. Amount - (# additional guests)*25*(# days)
  3. Click on tick mark icon to add fee
  • Go to "Payments" section and click on "Collect a payment"
  • Use listed cards on file until one works.

See this video for more guidance on charging the early check-in fee on Guesty.

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