243 Montgomery St - Common Questions & Known Issues

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Is there a washing machine/dryer?

  • There isn't any Washing/Drying equipment in the apartment or building that guests can use. The washing machine on the 1st floor is only for cleaners.
  • Borinquen Laundromat has free pickup and delivery, alternatively it is a 7 minute walk away. 
    • You can find it on Google maps Here

Why is there a ringing doorbell or loud knocking?

  • Sometimes the delivery person aggressively knocks or rings the doorbell. 
  • This usually occurs because they have a package that has missed delivery previously or because they need a confirmation signature for a package or claim.
  • Don't worry about it! 
    • If you are truly concerned you can call us.

Why is there a beeping noise in the apartment?

  • Smoke/CO detector is...
    • out of batteries 
    • disconnected
    • broken
  • The back up battery for the cable modem is empty
  • Both of these are very urgent matters that we take seriously
    • Call or text us about the issue and describe it/record it as best as possible
    • We will dispatch a technician to solve the issue
      • If you prefer we can guide the guests through the process for fixing the situation

Where can we store our luggage?

  • Under no circumstances do we allow luggage to be stored in the apartments before check in time or after check out time
  • You may store your luggage at the Knock Knock City luggage storage facility at 161 Newark Ave

The apartment is taking too long to heat up!

  • The heating system in this building is old and the space is large. 
  • It can take half an hour to an hour for the temperature to reach the temperature set at the thermostat.

The water isn't going down in the tub or sink!

  • Give us a call or text and we will handle the matter as quickly as possible
  • We will send a technician over to inspect the clogged drain
    • Usually it will be solved very quickly
    • If not we will call a plumber to perform more extensive repairs
      • If this is very inconvenient or makes a comfortable stay impossible...
        • We will do everything in our power to find another solution

What are the cross streets to the apartment?

  • The cross streets are Montgomery and Grove St.

Is this property Child Friendly?

  • Yes

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