3.11 Common Questions from Guests

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Airbnb: Can you reserve the dates for me so I can pay later?

Airbnb is responsible for accepting and processing payment on our behalf. We don't have control over this. We cannot hold the dates for you, but if they are still available when your payment is ready, we would be more than happy for you to book with us.

Visit this website for information on potentially extending the amount of time you need to pay:

All Channels: The price for your listing has changed!

Our pricing varies nightly based on the demand and guest count, which is why you may see different pricing. For accurate pricing, please make sure the dates for your stay and number of guests, including children, are correct.

Airbnb: I want to change the currency I am paying with. Can you cancel my reservation?

If cancellation is necessary to change the currency, then you will have to cancel from your end. You may rebook with us afterward. The following article may be helpful to you. If it is not, please reach out to Airbnb customer support to resolve this issue. https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/95/can-i-pay-with-any-currency

Airbnb: Can you cancel the reservation for me? I will rebook later...

If you wish to cancel, you must do it from your end. Cancelling from our end will negatively impact our account. If your concern is that we will not give a full refund: do not fear, we will refund you in full and you may book with us again afterward. We will not cancel the reservation for you. Please reach out to Airbnb customer service if you need further assistance.

All Channels: Are we able to use your name and the address of the apartment we’re staying in for our Visa application?

Yes, we cannot be used as a point of contact but you may use our name, address and phone number for your Visa application.

If a full name is required you can find this info under the profile info on the airbnb account associated with the address of the reservation.

Use the host name and building address and the guest services number +16468671894

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