Create Bento cards for new buildings

Updated 2 years ago by Nishant Kumar

Each new building or property we add, we want to create a Bento card. It allows us to use the card for expenses for that property and track those expenses back to the property. We make one bento card for one property as a whole and not for specific units. For example if there is one building (at say 1 Main St) and there are five apartments in that building, we will create only one Bento card for the building which will be called 1 Main St.

Step 1: Login to Bento.

Step 2: Click on "Manage Cards" tab.

Step 3: Click on "Add New Card".

Step 4: Go to "Utility Card" and click on "Add Utility Card".

Step 5: Add information for the new card.

  1. Nickname - Should be the address of the building in abbreviated format, for example 1 Main St.
  2. Create a virtual card. No plastic card will be printed - Should be ticked
  3. Spending Limits - Should be set to ON
  4. Should be set to $3000
  5. Categories - Should be set to ON

These should be ticked -

  1. Business Services
  2. Repair Services
  3. Home, Garden Supply & Service
  4. Home Furnishing
  5. Wholesale Clubs & Office Supplies
  6. Retail and Miscellaneous Stores
  7. Travel & Transportation
  8. Wholesale Trade
  9. Telecom, Internet & Utilities

Step 6: Click on "Order Card".

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