Send a template document to e-sign

Updated 2 years ago by Nishant Kumar

We can use the template feature on HelloSign to easily fill out fields for a contract or some other document and send that to a person for e-signature. We can set multiple signatures so that they can sign and we can counter sign.

Step 1: Click on "Templates".

Step 2: Click on "Use an existing template".

Step 3: Click on down arrow and then click on "Use Template".

Step 4: Fill information on "Get your template signed" page.

  1. Fill out all this information. After all the below information has been entered, the document will get populated.
  2. Who needs to sign ? - Enter the info of both parties who need to sign.
  3. Ordered Request - This means the document will go to one person to sign before other. If you want to send it to both the people at the same time, uncheck the box.

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