Adding property details in Properly- access, wifi, parking, garabage, important info

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Go to the new property and click "Property details"

Enter the following info:

  1. Access- enter brief check-in instructions here using the format below.
    1. Building door code = {insert building door code} E.g. Building door code = 1234 followed by the check ✓ mark.
    2. Apartment door code = {insert apartment door code}
    3. If a lockbox is the main method for access, describe where the lockbox is located and give the lockbox code using the format below. Only include lockbox codes and location if it is the main access method.
      1. Lockbox code = 1234. Lockbox is located {insert lockbox location}.
    4. Locked closet code = 7669
      1. This is the same for all apartments
    5. Enter any additional codes a cleaner or handyman may need in the same format
  2. Garbage- instructions on where cleaners should take out trash
  3. Parking- instructions on where cleaners should park their vehicles (if applicable)
  4. Wifi- enter the Wifi username and password below. It is the same for all apartments.
    1. Username: stayd
    2. Password: travel well
  5. Important information- include any important info about the building or unit as well as the city contact number.
    1. SMS or call {city number} with any questions.
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