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If there are guests currently staying, make sure to inform them that our maintenance person will be coming. You can let them know that they don't have to be home.

Step 1: Find the "Maintenance template" in the property and click the three dots at the top right

Step 2: Click "Duplicate"

Step 3: Open the duplicated check list

Step 4: Rename the check list by click the title at the top

You should rename it with the name of the issue. E.g. Maintenance: Toilet leak, hole in wall, faucet repair

Step 5: Add the list of items that need maintenance in the second slide

Include as much info as possible for each item, so that the maintenance person can easily find the issue.

Helpful info includes location of the issue, when it started, any info received from guest or cleaners, and any steps that have already been taken to repair.

Step 6: Copy the verification photo slide for each issue by clicking the + at the top right

  1. Change the name of the custom pin to "Take photo of fixed {item that needs to be fixed}"
  2. Make sure the box in the bottom right is checked, so that the service provider is asked for verification photos
If there are 3 issues, there should be 3 verification photo slides. If there is 1 issue, there should be 1 verificaton slide, etc.

Step 7: Save the check list

Step 8: Send a job by following these instructions

Enter the following info:

  1. Check list- select the check list you just created
  2. Time- Set the time you want the maintenance person to complete the work. If the time is flexible, such as between check-ins, you can select the flexible time option. E.g. if there is a small sink repair that will take an hour between guests, you can select flexible time between 11 am and 3 pm on checkout day.
  3. Duration- select how long you think the job will take to complete all items on the check list
  4. Service provider- select maintenance people who are able to do the job
  5. Offerred price- leave blank
  6. Job title- Copy the title of the check list. E.g. Toilet leak, hole in wall, faucet repair
  7. Message- include any other relevent info the the maintenance person may need to know

Step 9: Check back on the calendar in an hour to make sure the job has been accepted

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