Manually charge an already used card in Guesty

Updated 3 years ago by Michael McKay

Follow these steps to manually charge a credit card in Guesty that has already been used. Guesty stores the cards from previous transactions.

Step 1: Go to the reservation and click "Financials"

Step 2: Click "Collect a payment"

If you want to do an authorization hold for a security deposit instead, then click "Authorization Hold"

Step 3: Select the credit card you want to charge from the dropdown menu

You can identify the card by the last 4 digits.

Step 4: Enter the following info

  1. Amount
  2. Uncheck "Send receipt"
  3. Add any notes relating to the transaction (not requried)
  4. Click save
If the payment fails, go to Stripe and mark the payment safe and try again.

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