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After we have imported the listing from Airbnb, we will update it in Guesty with all the standard settings by following this guide.

Step 1: Import the data to a new listing from "Settings listing".

First of all we will import the data to a new listing from a listing called "Settings listing". "Settings listing" has all the standard settings and importing settings will save a lot of time. Follow these steps to import settings from "Settings listing" -

  • Go to "Settings" tab for the listing you are creating.
  • Scroll down to "Export/Import" section and click on "Import from a different listing" button.
  • Search for "Settings listing" in listing selector.
  • Select "Settings listing" in listing selector.
  • Select the settings you would like to import.

These should be checked -

  1. Commission formulas
  2. Automation- Automated Response
  3. Automation- AutoReviews
  4. Inbox settings
  5. Post Booking settings

Clicking on "Import" button will import all the settings from "Settings listing".

Step 2: Scroll up the "General" section and enter information.

  1. Nickname - Nickname should be in standard nickname format (number/street name/apartment number - e.g. 1260 E Univ #3013).
  • Since there is a character limit, we need to keep the addresses short. If the address is too long, e.g. "1260 East University Drive #3013" we should abbreviate the terms e.g. "1260 E Univ #3013".
  • We can remove the street name as first thing e.g. Drive to make some space. If still the address does not fits, we can shorten the street address further, e.g. "Univ" in place of "University" and "E" in place of "East".
  • We must always include the unit number
  1. Tags - Relevant tags. E.g. You can add the laundry service's tag if we are using them for this unit.

Step 3: Go to "Cleaning status" section.

"Active" should be set to OFF.

Step 4: Go to "Tax Configuration" section.

"Use account financial settings" - Should be set to ON if the unit is in Jersey City. If the unit is outside Jersey city, this field should be set to OFF and you should follow these instructions to add tax on the listing level based on the local tax rate.

Most taxes that we will add on the listing will be a City Tax and will use the Per Stay option. E.g. If the tax for this area is 6% of the total rate, you should add City Tax 6% Per Stay.

Step 5: Click on "Financials" tab.

Step 6: Go to the "Pricing" section.

  1. Base Price - Should be default price for this listing. This doesn't matter much since we use PriceLabs.
  2. Cleaning Fee - Should be the cleaning fee for the unit. Make sure to click "Apply to all channels" before saving.
  3. Guests Included in Price - Should be the number of guests which can sleep on all the standard beds combined.
    1. Sofa beds are not counted as standard beds
    2. Guests sleeping on sofa beds do not count towards the guests included in price and will always be counted as extra.
    3. E.g. If there are 2 queen size beds (each sleeps 2) and 1 sofa bed (each sleeps 2) then the Guests Included in Price should be 4.
  4. Extra Person Fee - "$25 per extra person per night"
  5. Security Deposit Fee - Default value is "$300 per stay". In case of high end properties, this fee can be higher.
  6. Markups - Should use the account settings
You can edit the settings by clicking on pencil icon. Make sure to click on "Save" after making the changes.

Step 7: Go to the "Discounts" section.

  1. Monthly Discount - "15% per stay"
  2. Weekly Discount - "10% per stay"

Step 8: Go to the "Expenses" section.

  1. Channel Commission - Should use the account settings
  2. Commission Calculation - Should use the account settings

Step 9: Click on "Marketing" tab.

Step 10: Go to the "Public Descriptions" section.

Description needs to be present in all the fields. Format should match with the Listing description template in Helpdocs.

Step 11: Click on "Automation" and go to "AutoMessage".

Step 12: Check if all the settings are correct in "Automated Messages" section.

  1. Active - This should always be set to ON.

Step 13: Click on "Automation" and go to "AutoResponse".

Step 14: Check if the information is correct in "Automated response".

  1. Active - This should always be set to ON.
  2. For the first message - This should always be set to ON.
  3. Customize message - Should have the template already there
  4. Delay answer ( in minutes ) - Should be 20

Step 15: Click on "Automation" and go to "Calendar Rules".

Step 16: Check if the information is correct in "Calendar Rules".

This only applies to combination listing and can be setup to block another listing when current listing has been booked.
  1. Active - This should be set to ON only for combination listings. See this guide for how to set up Smart Calendar Rules for combination listings.

Step 17: Click on "Automation" and go to "AutoReviews".

Step 18: Check if the information is correct in "AutoReviews".

  1. Active - This should be set to ON.
  2. Review templates - Should have 5 default templates

Step 19: Click on "Automation" and go to "AutoPayments".

Step 20: Check if the information is correct in "AutoPayments".

  • Click on "Payment" twice and 'Authorization Hold' once to add two payments and one authorization hold.
  • Enter details as below for payments and authorization hold.

Payment 1:

  1. Scheduled collection of payment: "At Confirmation"
  2. Amount to collect: "50 %"
  3. Use guest's card - Should be ticked

Payment 2:

  1. Scheduled collection of payment: "7 Days Before Check in"
  2. Amount to collect: "Rest of payment" of the total payout
  3. Use guest's card - Should be ticked

Authorization hold:

  1. Scheduled hold (capture) of funds: "60 Hours Before Check in"
  2. Amount to hold: "300 $"
  3. Charge captured funds? - "No"
  4. Release captured funds? - "No"
  • Click on "Yes" in pop up which shows after saving.

Step 21: Click on Property tab.

Step 22: Go to "Listing address" section.

Listing address should be correct and include the unit number. You should correct the listing address (if required) to match with the address of property.

Step 23: Go to "Listing type"/"Property type"/"Owners" section and check if all the information is correct.

  1. Listing type - Entire home/apt
  2. Property type - Should have the correct property type. E.g. Apartment
  3. Occupancy - Should have the correct guest count. This should be the maximum amount of people who can sleep at the apartment, including those who sleep in sofa beds.
  4. Bedrooms - Number of bedrooms
  5. Beds - Should have the correct number of beds (make sure to include the sofa beds. E.g. If there are 2 queen beds and one sofa bed, this should be 3)
  6. Bathrooms - Number of bathrooms

Step 24: Go to "Amenities" section and tick on the boxes for all the amenities that are available at property.

Also make sure to uncheck any amenities that aren't available at the property.

For an accurate list of building and apartment amenities check the building website/listing and the design book PDF.

The following amenities should be checked off for every listing, since they are standard for all units:

  • Air conditioning
  • Bed linens
  • Heating
  • Iron
  • Refridgerator
  • Stove
  • TV
  • Wireless Internet
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Coffee maker
  • Cookware
  • Dishes and Silverware
  • Essentials
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Family/Kid friendly
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Hangers
  • Hair dryer
  • Hot water
  • Internet
  • Kettle
  • Kitchen
  • Oven
  • Room darkening shades
  • Shampoo
  • Suitable for infants (under 2 years old)
  • Suitable for children (2-12 years old)
  • Towels provided

Step 25: Go to "Terms" section and check if all information is correct.

  1. Default check in time - It should be 16:00
  2. Default check out time - It should be 11:00

Step 26: Go to "Default Values For Reservation Additional Information" section and check if all information is correct.

All of these should be set to Yes -

  1. All automations
  2. Message when guest books (on Channel- at time of booking)
  3. Request for ID verification (Email- at time of booking)
  4. Request to complete ID verification (SMS- 3 hrs after booking)
  5. Reminder to complete ID verification (Email & SMS- 24 & 26 hrs after booking respectively)
  6. Check-in instructions (Email- 2 days before check-in at 12pm)
  7. Confirm guest received check-in instructions (SMS- 2 days before check-in)
  8. Day of arrival (SMS- 9 am day of arrival)
  9. How's everything at the apartment? (SMS- 9am day after arrival)
  10. Checkout instructions (Email- 7 pm day before checkout)
  11. Reminder of 11 am checkout (9 am day of checkout)
  12. Guest feedback request (SMS 3 days after checkout)

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