Jersey City Parking Information (Template) & Key Details

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Generalized parking info for Jersey City.

Use this as a template for creating future parking instructions for the city.

Is there parking on site?

  • No? use the header "No Free Parking On-Site"
    • Usually we do not provide free parking on the premises, you can confirm these details in our listing pages or our property specific info.
    • If a property doesn't have on-site parking guests need to be aware that attempting to park on-site may result in fines incurred by neighbors or the city and that we cannot reimburse these costs or assist in fixing the issue.
    • "We do not provide free parking on this property, if you attempt to do so you may be fined or towed by building management or the city."
  • Yes? Free? use the header "Free Parking on-site (1 space)"
    • If there is parking on site ensure that the number of available spaces is clearly indicated.
    • Ensure that there is a photo of the parking area clearly indicated with brightly colored arrows or shapes
    • Use the photos provided by on-the-ground Operations teams
  • Yes? Paid? use the header "Parking available on-site (inquire before arrival)"
    • include relevant parking info
    • lead-time for reserving the space
    • Cost

We don't recommend using street parking.

  • It is illegal to park for over 2 hours almost everywhere in Jersey City.
  • You might get a ticket if you park in the street. 
  • You may use parking meters for a short while, but the time allowed to park at a meter is limited as well. 
  • Please pay attention to street signs as we are not responsible for tickets.

Here are some options we recommend for parking off-site:

These are sample options, do not provide any options available that are over 15 minutes walking distance from the apartment.

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