When to fix a problem vs reporting it

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Follow the check list below to determine if you should fix a problem yourself vs reporting it in the Properly app.

Report a problem if any of the following are true

  1. The problem was caused by the guest damaging the property
  2. You tried to fix the problem and were unable to
  3. The problem requires a ladder
  4. The problem involves electricity, gas, or heat
  5. The problem requires more than 10 minutes to fix
  6. There is a water leak causing damage. Please turn off the water as soon as possible to avoid further damage.
If you are unsure if you should report a problem, it's best to go ahead and report it in the Properly app.

Examples of problems you should fix

  1. Replacing light bulbs or batteries
  2. Tightening a loose screw with a screwdriver
  3. Resetting an AC that doesn't seem to be blowing cold air
  4. Adjusting a closet door so it is on the tracks
  5. Rehanging a shower curtain that has fallen
  6. Reset the router if the Wifi is not working. If it doesn't work after you reset it, you should report the issue.
  7. Replace a missing lockbox
  8. Copy missing keys
  9. Sink or bath is clogged- pour Drano down the sink and then run hot water 30 minutes after. If this doesn't work, you can then report the issue.

Examples of problems you should report

  1. Heat is not working in the unit
  2. AC is not working after your reset it
  3. Bed frame is broken
  4. Couch is broken and does not fold out
  5. Smoke detector is beeping for low battery, but it is too high to reach
  6. Toilet is not flushing
  7. There is no hot water in the apartment

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