Emerson - #1037 - Fast Check-In Instructions

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Please read this before checking in

Welcome! We hope you have a great stay!

As your host, we're more than happy to help you with anything you need.

So, if you need help, ask us! ✆ +1.646.867.1894 Please don't ask the Emerson staff.

Step 1: Enter through this door

See it in google maps.

  1. See it in google maps.
  2. Your entrance is two doors to the right of the parking lot entrance
  3. Please do not enter through the leasing office

Step 2: Locate the callbox to enter the building.

Confused? Please call us at +1.646.867.1894.
We're here for you :)

Step 3: Call the apartment number using the call-box

  1. Press the left button
  2. Press the right button to scroll through the list of apartments
    It's easy to go too far; go slow.
  3. Press the middle button
  4. Wait for "Acess Allowed" and open the door!

Step 4: Go through this door and turn left

Step 5: Find Apartment #1037.

Step 6: Open the door using the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Confused? Call +1.646.867.1984

Step 7: To lock-up on your way out, re-enter your code and press

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