2nd Round Interview Questions

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Take 3-4 minutes to tell me a bit about yourself including your work background and skillset

What do you know about the position that you are applying for?

What do you think our priorities are as a business and for you as an extension of our company?

What is the difference between customer service and hospitality?

How do you think this difference would apply to the work that we do here and how would it apply to the way you might converse with one of our clients/guests?

Tell me about a situation where you had to help a client and everything was going wrong.

What time is it right now in Chicago?

Give me two reasons why we might care if someone we are hosting is too loud inside the apartment.

What is the difference between a townhouse and an apartment building?

A potential client wants to know if our apartment is suitable for children and how long commute is into the city. Unfortunately you don't know if the apartment is suitable for children and your admin isn't available. (You have basic information about the apartment such as the address)

One of our guests is staying in 34 Quentin St Unit 402. They ask you, what floor is it on?

One of our clients has just informed you that there is a huge problem they are dealing with that is very urgent but you don't have any documentation or guidance to help you in the moment, what do you do?

If one of our incoming guests asks you "what is the best way to get from JFK airport to 10 Erie St in Jersey City in the evening on August 23rd" how would you find the answer and what would you tell them?

How did we do?

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