Backup Check-In Instructions - 243 Montgomery #1

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

Step 1: Open Building Door

  1. Locate keypad on front door of the building
  2. The code for the building was sent separately. The code is 6-digits

Step 2: Open Second Building Door

  1. The second building door sticks sometimes
  2. Just push hard on this door and it will open

Step 3: Get Apartment Door Keys from Lockbox

  1. Find the Unit 1 apartment door (it is depicted in the photo below)
  2. Locate the lockbox on the apartment door frame, it is on the left side
  3. Enter the 4-digit Apartment Door Backup Lockbox code to your apartment door to unlock the lockbox
  4. Use key to open the apartment door
  5. Immediately return key to lockbox, this is a backup key that should remain safe in this box


Step 4: Close Lockbox

  1. Place one set of keys back in the lockbox, this will ensure you don't get locked out during your stay
  2. Close up the lockbox, if you have trouble closing please ensure the code is set to the code that you used to open it
  3. Scramble code to lock


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