Check-In Instructions - Hyve #2015

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Please Read this Important Document Before Checking In

There will be 2 codes in your check-in instructions email.

The first code is the Gate Code.

The second code is the Apartment Door Code.

Please find these codes in your check-in instructions email before attempting to check-in.

This guide shows the entire check-in procedure.

Step 1: Find Parking Lot Entrance

The entrance to the parking lot is located at these precise coordinates:

Click here to open in google maps.

Step 2: Open the parking lot gate using the Gate Code

You may be tempted to turn your car into driveway next to the callbox.Do NOT do this, the driveway is very narrow and may damage your tires.
  1. Turn your blinkers on, put your car in park, get out of the car and walk to the other side of the callbox.
  2. Enter the gate code.
  3. If you've entered the gate code correctly you will hear a tone and the gate will open.
  4. If this does not happen please try to enter the code again (make sure to use the "#" sign in the code)

Step 3: Locate Building A

Your Apartment is in Building A, this is the building closest to your entrance to the parking lot.

The building will have a sign on the side of it with a list of units numbers as well.

Please see the image below for reference:

Step 4: Find the Callbox on Building A

Use the map below to find the callbox relative to the parking lot entrance:

The building entrance and callbox looks like this:

Step 5: Enter the Gate Code into the callbox

The gate code will be "#" followed by four digits.

Step 6: Go to Floor 2

If you prefer to take the stairs, turn left immediately after entering the building.

If you prefer to take the elevator follow the map below.

Walk forward to the end of the hall, turn left and you will find the elevator on the right-hand side.

Step 7: Find Apartment 2015

If you took the stairs go down to the end of the hall, your apartment will be in the corner.

If you took the elevator, you'll see the sign below:

Turn right after exiting and go down the hall.

Step 8: Open door to apartment using 4-digit Apartment Door Code

The 4-Digit Apartment Door Code is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number
Please make sure to pull the door shut all the way.Use the same 4-digit code followed by the check mark ✓ to lock the door when exiting.

Step 9: Enjoy your stay!

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