Steps to conduct a cleaning inspection

Updated 2 years ago by Michael McKay

Follow this article to complete a cleaning inspection after you have accepted the job in Properly.

Step 1: Scroll down in the job to find the address and cleaner name

Take note of these items. You will need to enter these names on the cleaning inspection Typeform.

Step 3: Start the job in Properly

Follow this article to start the job.

Step 4: Go back to the Typeform and fill it out

See this article for how to answer the questions.

Step 5: Submit the cleaning inspection Typeform once it's complete

Step 6: Fix any issues and perform additional cleaning

If the cleaner missed anything, you should fix the issue so that the apartment is up to standards when the guest arrives.

Step 7: Complete the job on Properly by checking off the items on the check list

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