3.26 Creating Maintenance Work Orders

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What is this?

A guide on how to create a maintenance task or "work order" that a staff member can handle or forward to the relevant party.

Why is this?

It is difficult to keep track of maintenance issues as they pop up.

We need you to create these tasks so that we can systematically record and address them.

What do I do?

The following article applies primarily just to issues that are discovered in a Front conversation.

If you notice one in Guesty instead, find the guest's related SMS thread and use the same actions.

What if I want to add more info to an already existing work order?

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Step 0: Get all the info

When a guest reports a maintenance or cleaning issue immediately add the relevant tag ("JC maintenance", "urgent.... etc etc)

If there is a stain, dirty dishes, trash somewhere this is obviously a "cleaning" issue.

If there is something broken that is a maintenance issue.

Some less obvious situations such as bugs or bad smells are also maintenance issues.

Ask the guest to elaborate:

Find out what room it is in, how it happened etc... fully clarify the issue.

Repeat it back to them in different words to make sure you understand.

Call them if they seem worried and let them know we will do whatever is possible to fix.

As always, empathize and engage in conversation with them.

If you don't understand what is going on ask for photos.

Step 1: Take notes in a text editor from the Front conversation

Step 1.2: Write down street address and City

Step 1.3: Write down all the details of the actual issue

Specific what is going on.

Where in the apartment it is happening.

When they discovered the issue, and anything else you can think of.

Step 2: Create an Asana task from the Front conversation

Step 2.1 Front Click the "+" button

This is what we use to add tags usually

Step 2.2: Click "Add to Asana"

Step 2.3: Fill out the Asana Task

Don't click outside of this box, you will lose all your work
  1. {Type of Issue} - This can be "Cleaning" or "Maintenance"
  2. {City} - You copied this down in your notes earlier
  3. {Street Address} - You copied this down in your notes earlier
  4. {Issue Name} - Use your best judgement to come up with a short name like "Leaking Toilet" or "Sticky Doorknob"
  5. {Front Link} - You copied this down in your notes earlier
  6. {Guest Link} - You know where to get this
  7. {Issue Description} - You copied this down in your notes earlier
  8. Make sure "JC - Maintenance" is selected
  9. Click "Create Task" and wait for it to load
  10. THANKS!

Step 3: Adding extra info to an already created Work Order in Asana

If there is another conversation via email or more SMS' come into the original thread you can still add the new info to the original WO as a subtask.

Follow Step 2 in the exact same way that you did before.

This time, before creating the task, click "Select a task" at the bottom of the "CREATE NEW TASK" page and choose the task that you would like to add more details too.

Here is a video of the process (I skipped some steps in this one, you shouldn't skip steps)

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