249 2nd St #1 Garden Apartment Television Instructions

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Location and number of televisions

The garden apartment has one 39" television in the living room.

Programming options

This television has access to:

  1. Netflix
  2. Fox News
  3. Amazon Prime Movies
  4. Local Programming

Accessing Programming:

There are two remotes required to access all programming available on this television.

To view local programming only remote 1 is needed.

To view Netflix, Fox News and Amazon Prime movies remotes 1 and 2 are needed.

Remote 1 - Samsung Remote:

Remote 2 - Fire TV Stick Remote:

Steps to access local programming:

Local programming comes from the antenna on the wall behind the television depicted in the photo below

Do not move or unplug this!

To access local programming take the following steps:

  1. Turn on the television using the samsung remote (remote 1)
  2. Click source button
  3. Choose "TV" using the arrows to navigate and click the "select" button to select
  4. Use channel buttons to surf available channels

Steps to Access Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies or Fox News via Fire TV

  1. Turn on the television using the Samsung Remote (remote 1)
  2. Click Source
  3. Select "HDMI 1"
  4. Turn on the Fire TV using the Fire TV Remote (remote 2)
  5. Use the shiny black ring to navigate the screen (up, down, left, right)
  6. Use the matte-finish button in the center to make selections
  7. Select the" Netflix Tile" to view netflix options
  8. Select the "FoxNow" tile to view Fox News
  9. Select the "prime video" tile to view available amazon prime films

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