Add a new property to Properly

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Follow this guide to add a new property to Properly.

Make sure you are logged into the account.

Step 1: Click the properties icon on the left

Step 2: Click "New Property"

Step 3: Enter the Title in the format below

{Street number} {Street name) #{unit number if there is one} {City}, {State}

E.g. 243 Montgomery St #2 Jersey City, NJ

Step 4: Start typing the building address and click the correct address when it pops up

Step 5: Enter the unit number (if applicable) in the format below

#{unit number}

E.g. #2

Step 6: Add the info below

  1. Property type
  2. Number of bedrooms
  3. Number of beds, including sofa beds
  4. Number of bathrooms, including half bathrooms. A half bathroom is .5

Step 7: Click Save at the top right

Step 8: Click Select Property Photo and upload the main listing photo

Step 8: Delete all the reminders

  1. Click reminders
  2. Click the 3 orange dots on each reminder
  3. Click delete

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