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We will be creating a Helpdoc for each new property we bring in. Helpdoc will have the building info which we can easily reference for setting up the property and if guess have questions. Click here to go to "Building info needed for each property" help doc.

Step 1: Get building info from property website

You can look at the building website to get building info. E.g. If we need the building info for The Hyve Apartments in Tempe, we can look for it on their website -

Step 2: Get building info from "Team Drives"

The other place where we can find the building info is in the lease.

  • To see the lease you can go to "Team Drive" and then go to "Properties".

  • Go to the property for which you want to see the info and then go to "Leases" folder.

  • Select a lease. This lease can give you information about the building rules and other information about the property.

Step 3: Get building info from property managers

If you are not able to get information about the building from above listed methods, you can reach out to property managers via email and request for the information.

Step 4: Go to HelpDocs and add building info

  • Click on "Property Info".
  • Click on the area where property is located. E.g. Arizona
  • Click on the folder name for property. E.g. 1260 E University Dr- The Hyve
If there is no folder present for the property, create a new folder.
  • Click on "Add Article to 1260 E University Dr- The Hyve".
  • Enter information in the document.
  1. Title - Should be "Building info and policies"
  2. Copy over the text from "Building info needed for each property". Enter all the information gathered about building as answers to the questions.
  3. Save - Click on Save to save changes

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