Cleaner In-Person Interview Questions

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The italicized items are the answers you should be looking for from an applicant.
  1. How do you approach cleaning? Do you have a strategy or order that you do things in?
    1. The cleaner should have some type of basic process. E.g. I always start in the bathrooms, since those are the hardest area.
  2. How would you remove a wine stain from a couch?
    1. An answer explaining a cleaning methodolgy or "I would follow your process/what is your process?"
  3. How do you feel about cleaning carpets and couches?
    1. We want cleaners who are ok with doing this type of cleaning
  4. Can you operate a steam cleaner if we provide one?
    1. We want cleaners who can do this or are willing to be trained
  5. What’s your favorite part of cleaning?
    1. The goal of this question is to see if they enjoy cleaning. We want to hire people who like to clean.
  6. Where do you see yourself in 6 months?
    1. We want cleaners who are looking to be with us for awhile, not a 1 month gig while they look for another full time job.
  7. Are you comfortable using an app to accept cleanings and view your upcoming cleaning schedule?
    1. We need cleaners who can use Properly.
  8. What would you do if you found a pair of sunglasses in the apartment after a guests stay?
    1. The cleaner should contact us.
  9. Would you be interested in helping with small issues, such as repairs or dropping off wine for guests?
    1. This is not a requirement, but it's nice to have cleaners who can assist with other issues.
  10. What kind of maintenance experience do you have?
    1. Try to see if the cleaner can handle very minor repairs. E.g. Tighteting a loose screw on a door knob.
  11. How much notice do you need for cleanings?
    1. Try to get a sense of their schedule. We send out cleanings 1-7 days in advance.

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