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Requests to submit ID

When a guest makes a reservation with us they immediately receive an email and SMS with instructions to submit ID using the link we provide. If they ignore this or incorrectly respond to our requests then we send followup messages and SMSs in the days following.

See this article for a complete list of our automated messages.

Booking.com guest hasn't submitted ID

This section also applies to HomeAway, OnlyApartments and other RentalsUnited affiliated platforms.

Booking.com reservations are always riskier than Airbnb reservations because there is no prior verification done of guests on Booking.com. In addition to this we handle payment ourselves for guests from Booking.com. For these reasons we take our own security measures and verify their identity and payment ourselves.

We cannot ever allow a guest to enter the property without first receiving valid photos of the ID and credit card. Our system prevents check-in instructions from being sent to anyone who hasn't submitted a valid ID so take care never to manually send check-in instructions who haven't met the necessary qualifications.

Our system automatically sends check-in instructions to guests under these circumstances:

  • Reservation is paid in full
  • Security deposit has been authorized
  • ID has been verified
  • Check-in is in 48 hours

Working out of the tasks Inbox in Front

Every day the Tasks inbox in front is populated with Guesty Reports for issues such as missing ID verification and unpaid reservations or security deposits.

There are 3 different ID verification related reports you should be paying attention to and taking action with.

  1. Check-in tomorrow or today- ID not verified
  2. ID not verified after 2 days Report
  3. ID not verified after 3 days Report
  4. Payment balance past due
  5. Failed credit card authorizations Report

If there is a guest listed in 2:

  • Mark the CC invalid
  • Call the guest and remind them to submit ID
    • If they confirm they will submit ID leave a comment in the related Task in Front
    • Leave a comment in "Other" on the guest reservation

If there is a guest listed in 3:

  • If the reservation has no successful payments continue
  • Double check if they have responded and agreed to submit ID,
    • If they have not promised to submit an ID call them and tell them ID must be submitted immediately
      • If no answer, cancel the reservation
    • If they have promised to submit an ID call them to remind them
      • If no answer send an SMS and email reminding them to submit ID within the hour
      • Leave a note in Guesty to cancel after 1 hour and snooze for 1 hour
        • Cancel if there is no ID after 1 hour

If there is a guest listed in 1, 2/3, and 4/5 check the financials tab

  • if there are any successful payments do not cancel the reservation, reach out to an admin. Make sure the CC is marked as invalid.
  • If there are no successful payments cancel the reservation

When to cancel:

  1. Paid guests whose reservation starts one month away
    1. Cancel if no response after 3 days
    2. Cancel if they have refused to submit ID and CC even after explanation for necessity
  2. Paid guests whose reservation starts one week away
    1. No response after 2 days
  3. Unpaid guests
    1. No response after 24 hours

When to show discretion:

The guest has already paid and doesn't have a high risk score

It's hard to get money back from reservations cancelled close to a reservation start date. If a guest has already paid and they are just unresponsive, rather than refusing to submit ID, it's best to just do everything we can to reach out to them. Do not hesitate to mark their card invalid, this will alert them to contact us. However, do NOT cancel their reservation without first escalating to an admin, we probably won't be able to rebook the cancelled night.

Busy/traveling guests

Some guests are very busy with traveling or with work and they might simply not be receiving our messages even though they might be willing to submit ID and might be excellent guests. If you have reason to believe that a guest is simply too busy to take our call please escalate to an admin for further instruction and take care not to cancel their reservation until you receive a response from the admin. Try to call the guest twice a day in these circumstances. Take note of what time it is in their area. If you see that it is very late night or early morning where they are reach out to the VHs who work a more appropriate timeslot and make sure they know to call at that time.

Airbnb guest hasn't submitted ID

We ask all guests to submit ID but in most cases we will allow a confirmed reservation from an Airbnb guest even if they refuse to provide ID.

Airbnb does their own ID verification so it isn't as crucial for us to receive this info.

Airbnb also handles all payment and payment processing so we do not need to verify the guest's credit card or payment method.

When to be concerned about an Airbnb guest who hasn't submitted ID.

  • Their risk score is very high
  • They are unresponsive
  • The reservation begins in 24 hours

What to do with a concerning reservation

In short order, take the following steps

  • Reach out to the guest and try to get their ID.
  • Escalate the reservation to an admin so they can make a decision on what to do.
  • Make a note in the guesty reservation that ID hasn't been submitted by X date.

Cancelling an Airbnb guest who hasn't submitted ID

If your admin is still concerned about the reservation and thinks it is too risky to keep they will reach out to Airbnb support staff and request them to cancel it. We should never cancel an Airbnb reservation manually. Airbnb frowns upon cancellations made by a host and it negatively impacts our account.

For example, cancellations would immediately disqualify us from getting an Airbnb Plus endorsement and could jeopardize superhost status.

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