After Hours & Emergency Phone Numbers

Updated 2 years ago by Maria Alanis

In the event of an emergency that needs immediate attention, you should call everyone on this list starting from top to bottom until someone answers. You will use Aircall to make the calls.

If it is not possible to use Aircall (for whatever reason), you will use skype to make the calls.

The team has the "Emergency" number, which is +1 202-464-2561 from Aircall favorited in their phone, so it will wake them up if they are sleeping.
The team also has the Skype number, which is +1 347-788-0992. This number is also favorited in the admin's phones and will wake them up at any hour.
If you cannot reach any of us try, to call the guest to calm them down and use your best judgement to address their concerns. Refer to this ARTICLE  for a list of helpful links and contacts

 Advanced issues found

 Advanced issues found

 Advanced issues found
Tom+1 551-267-4150
Maria+1 619-888-5622
Mike Jaindl+1 617-792-6811
Derek+1 646-712-2924
Marc+1 617-877-9022

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