Guest wants to extend reservation

Updated 2 years ago by Jericka Lynn Seco

Follow this guide if a guest wants to extend a reservation on Airbnb.

Step 1: Go to VReasy and check if the calendar to see if the dates the guest wants are available at the property

In this case, if the guest wants to extend 2 more nights, you can see the nights are available because they are white on the VReasy calendar.

If the dates are not available, check the availabilty of other properties {LINK} in the area and send them to the guest.

Step 2: Go to the message thread with the guest in Airbnb and click "Change or Cancel"

You are not able to extend a reservation within Smartbnb.

Step 3: Click "Change reservation"

Step 4: Change the checkout date to reflect the new check out date with the extra nights and click "Submit Alteration"

The new total will automatically calculate.

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