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Recycling Program:

Dear valued guests,

We want to give you some helpful tips and friendly reminders about the recycling and trash dumpsters on property.

For recyclable materials to have a second life and create new products, they must be clean and free from contaminants.

Separating trash from recycling is costly and unsustainable, and can prevent otherwise good materials from being recycled.

Improving the quality of your recycling is as easy as ONLY recycling clean bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard.

Please know that if you are not separating your recyclables from your trash waste, and the recycling and trash are being mixed together;

Waste Management has to go back and separate all of the recycling from the trash waste at the recycling facility.

We may be assessed contamination charges of up to $15.00 per yard (based on the size of our recycling container) for contamination found in the container during our pickup.

Please note: the roll off dumpsters the construction teams are assigned to use are not on our community’s account.


DO recycle all empty plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.

DO keep foods and liquids out of recycling.

DO keep plastic bags out of recycling.


DON'T bag your recyclables - plastic bags and film get tangled in the machinery.

DON'T include food-soiled items - they can turn an entire load of recycling into trash.

DON'T add sharp or dangerous materials like needles and electronics - they can cause injury to our workers.

DON'T toss in "tanglers" like rubber hoses and wires - they can shut down an entire recycling center!

DON'T include bulky items like propane tanks or construction debris.

We are committed to helping you improve the quality of your recycling materials, prevent contamination charges, and manage a sustainable way of living.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Elite North Scottsdale-  

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