Backup Check-In Instructions - 1471 Girard #1

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Please Read this Important Document Before Checking In

These are our backup instructions for when the Apartment Door's Electronic lock isn't in normal working order.

Backup Checkin-In Instructions Summary

Approach the building door from the porch.

Open the lockbox below the intercom labeled "1" using the 4-Digit Backup Building Door Lockbox Code.

Use the key inside the lockbox to open the building door.

Return the key to the lockbox.

Enter the building.

Open the lockbox labeled "1" on the left wall using the 4-Digit Backup Apartment Door Lockbox Code.

This key is your backup apartment door key, keep it safe.

Step 1: Enter the Main Building From the Porch

Go up the stairs to the porch of the main building.

Directly to the right of the building door is an intercom system with a keypad.

Below this intercom is a black lockbox on the wall labeled "1".

Enter the 4-Digit Building Door Code into this lockbox.

Remove Key from lockbox and open building door.

Return key to lockbox and close it.


Find lockbox on wall in building entrance

After entering the building through the front door you will find a 4 lockboxes labeled 1 through 4 on the left wall.

Using the Backup Apartment Door Lockbox Code open the lockbox labeled with your apartment number and remove the key.

Use this key to open your apartment door.

Please keep this key safe.

We highly recommend placing this key back inside the lockbox when leaving the building.

This will prevent a lockout situation.


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