Verifying ID submissions

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Follow the steps in this article to verify guest ID's that are submitted. There are two types of submissions.

Submissions with only an ID photo

These submissions have the question "Is the ID valid?"

Answer "Yes" if the ALL following are true
  1. The ID is a government issued ID. A driver's license, passport, non-driver ID, or military ID are acceptable.
  2. The name, birth date, and photo can be seen clearly on the ID
Answer "No" if any of the following are true
  1. The ID is not a government issued ID. School ID's or other non-government ID's are not accepted.
  2. You cannot read the name or birth date on the ID
  3. You can't see the photo on the ID
  4. The photo does not contain an ID. A picture of a person is not an accepted ID.
If you are unsure of what to do, you should click the "Escalate other issue" button.

Submission with an ID and credit card

These submissions will have 3 questions:

  1. Is the ID valid?
    1. Follow the instructions under "Submissions with only an ID photo"
  2. Do the first and last names on the ID match the first and last names on the credit card?
    1. If either the first and last names do not match, you should answer "no" for this question
  3. Is the credit card a {card type} with the last four digits {last 4 digits of card}?
    1. E.g. Is the credit card a Visa with the last four digits 3344?
    2. Check the image to see if the card type and digits match
    3. If they do not match, click no. If they do match, click yes

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