2.12 Maintenance Technician Behavioral Policy

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

June 10th 2019:

Guest reported a gas smell from the stove area.

Naijshua came to address and "confirmed an issue with the stove vaguely indicating a leak"

June 11th 2019:

Guests left the property and demanded a 50% refund.

Airbnb unlisted the property and prevented future bookings from occurring until official documentation of "no issue."

Daniel Cahoon re-assembled the stove.

PSEG came to test and found no leaks.

PSEG refused to provide documentation or receipt of essentially "no issue."

Daniel Cahoon confirmed verbally with the PSEG technician.

Thomas Berg begins drafting this policy.

Thomas Berg drafts "official" Howard certificate of inspection.

Thomas Berg has "official" Howard certificate of inspection signed by Daniel Cahoon and Naijshua Thomas.

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