Create a one off job in Properly

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In this article we will see how to create a one-off job in Properly. These are for one time jobs and not regularly scheduled jobs.

Step 1: Go to "Cleaning and Maintenance" section and click on "One-off jobs".

Step 2: Click on "Add one off" button.

Step 3: Add configurations for the job.

  1. Title - Title of the job which service provider will see. E.g - Drop off bottle of wine
  2. Message - Add additional details which service providers will need to know to perform this job
  3. Property rental - Select the property
  4. Who - Select one of the two options below
    1. "Work type" dropdown to assign to a group like cleaner, maintenance etc. Job will go out to every worker assigned to the group. E.g. - If the building is at 144 Steuben and there are three cleaners at the property, then selecting 'Cleaner' under Work Type and sending the job will lead to all three cleaners getting the job alert. The first person accepting the job will be awarded the job.
    2. You can assign it to individuals from "Offered to" by selecting a user (you can select multiple users from the list by clicking on control and then clicking on names from list).
  5. Fixed or flexible - Select if the job is Fixed or Flexible
    1. Fixed means you should start right away and be done in the expected duration
    2. Flexible means you should just start after the offered start time and finish before the end time
  6. Offered start time - Set the start date and time
  7. End time - Set the end date and time (if the job is fixed this does not needs to be entered)
  8. Expected duration - Set the expected time job will take
  9. Line items - Set instructions for the job (these are the specific checklists for the job and will need to be checked off these service providers at the time of doing it). You can add more line items by clicking on "Add another Line item"
  10. Save - Click on save to finish setup

Step 4: Go back to main page and look for the newly created job.

Step 5: Click on "Create".

Clicking on "Create" will send the job out to the service provider.

Job will not get sent out until 'Create' button is clicked for a newly added job.

Step 6: Check status of the job.

Status of the job will change to "Offered" after clicking on "Create".

Video of general process

Video of adding a detailed job for a Runner

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