Logging into Aircall- Virtual Hosts

Updated 3 years ago by Michael McKay

Follow the instructions below to log into Aircall.

Step 1: Open the Aircall app in Front

If you are having trouble logging in to Aircall in Front, you can login using the desktop app or mobile app, but it's preferable to login inside Front.

Step 2: Ask the other Virtual Host on shift which Aircall they account they are logged into

There are two Virtual Host Aircall accounts in Keeper. They are titled "Aircall- Virtual Host #1" and "Aircall- Virtual Host #2". During your shift you and the other Virtual Host on shift should be logged into different accounts.

Both accounts will ring at the same time when a guest calls, so the first person to answer will pick up that call.

Step 3: Login to the account that is not being used by the other Virtual Host

If you are having trouble with the internet on your computer or your headset, you can log in to Aircall on the mobile app.

Make sure to log out of Aircall at the end of your shift

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