Creating a maintenance ticket from a Properly task email from the Tasks Inbox

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In this section we will see how to create a maintenance ticket from a Properly task email from the Tasks Inbox.

If there are multiple reported problems from same person, e.g. cleaner, in a single day, click through the previous mails and make sure that the latest email sent contains the same information noted in previous emails. Once this is done you can archive all but the latest email. Ticket needs to be created based on the last email.

Step 1: Add notes to the email in Front.

Notes can have instruction which you want to send across to team. You can add other people in the notes.

Step 2: Click on "Tags" and then click on "Asana task".

Step 3: Enter details for Asana task.

  1. Task Name - Should be in the format "Maintenance: Property address - Who reported it". E.g. "Maintenance: 511 Manila: Cleaner reported in Properly"
  2. Description - Should have these:
    1. Address of property - Should be at the top
    2. Message permalink - Address should be followed by message permalink. To get the message permalink, click on three vertical dots and then click on "Copy message permalink"
    1. Problem name - Address and message permalink should be followed by images related to problem titles and the respective image url's.
    Problem names can be copied from the titles below the images.

  3. Tags - Add all the tags that apply to task
  4. Create Task - Click on "Create Task" to create the maintenance task in Asana

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