Download transactions CSV from Airbnb and upload to Keys to the Kingdom

Updated 2 years ago by Nishant Kumar

In this section we will see how to download a transactions CSV from Airbnb and then upload it to Keys to the Kingdom.

Step 1: Go to Airbnb, click on profile photo and then click on "Account".

Step 2: Click on "Transaction History".

Step 3: Click on "Completed Payouts" tab.

Step 4: Set the dates for which you want the transactions.

  1. Should be "All Payout Methods"
  2. Should be "All Listings"
  3. From - We need to pull transactions for last two months. From should be last month. E.g. If current month is April, "From" will be March
  4. To - To will be current month

Step 5: Click on "Download CSV".

Step 6: Click on "x" in pop-up when status is "Downloaded CSV".

Step 7: Go to "Accounting" section in Keys to the Kingdom and click on "Upload Airbnb CSV".

Step 8: Click on "Choose File" button.

Step 9: Select the downloaded transactions file.

Step 10: Click on "Upload Airbnb CSV" button.

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