Setting up a property in Rentals United

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Setting up a property

Follow these steps to add all the details to a property in Rentals United. Before this is done, make sure all the property details are correct in Guesty. Rentals United pulls some of the property info from Guesty.

If you need more info about the property, you can check the marketing tab in Guesty OR click the Property tab in Guesty, scroll down to Airbnb link and visit the Airbnb page.

Step 1: Go to the property listing in Guesty and click Marketing

Step 2: Make sure the listed toggle button is turned on

Step 3: Click Connect to RU and then click ""

Step 4: Login to Rentals United

Step 5: Click "My Properties"

Step 6: Click either "Edit" or "Improve" next to the property you want to set up

The name of the property in Rentals United will match the name of the property in Guesty.

Step 7: Add the following items under Basic Info

  1. Floor number
  2. Total size in square meters and feet
  3. Tourist license number- only if required by the city

If you have several apartment with all the same features, you can click "Copy everything from Another Apartment" or use the "Batch edit" function from the "My properties page".

Step 8: Add the following items under "Composition" in the "Amenities" section

  1. Make sure number of bathrooms is correct. These are full bathrooms (toilet with shower or bathub) only.
  2. Number of toilets- these are half bathrooms (bathrooms with only a toilet and sink).
  3. Separate kitchen- check this box if the kitchen is not in the same room as a bedroom. E.g. you would not check this box in a studio apartment since the bedroom is the same room as the kitchen.
  4. Parking- check this boxany parking is available, including paid and off site. Then select the type of parking from the drop down menu.
  5. Terrace- check this box if the apartment has private outdoor space. Do not check this off if the outdoor spaced is shared with other units.
  6. Elevator- check this box if there is an elevator and select the type from the dropdown menu.
  7. Internet- always check this box and select "Free wirless internet" from the dropdown.
  8. Heating- always check this box.
  9. Smoking allwed- never check this box.
  10. Linen and towels- always check this box.
  11. Air conditioning- always check this box.
  12. Wheelchair access- check this box if the building is wheelchair accessible.
  13. Swimming pool- check thisbox the the guest will have access to a swimming pool in the building or nearby for free.
  14. Pets allowed- neve check this box.

Step 9: Under "Composition" in the "Amenities" section click the edit button next to General

Step 10: Edit the General amenities

  1. Delete the beds from the general section- we will put this under each room
  2. Delete bed linens from the general section
  3. Add any general amenities of the apartment. Bathroom and bedroom items should not be added here.
  4. Click save when done.

Step 11: Edit the amenities for each bedroom

  1. Add the bed sizes- you must list the size of each bed in the room. E.g. if there is a queen size and double beds, see the image below.
  2. Add any other room specific amenities such as en suite bathroom, mirror, TV, etc.
  3. Click save
Only list the items if the items that are in that specific room. E.g. do not list a TV as a bedroom amenity if there is only a TV in the living room. 

Step 12: Add bathroom amenities

  1. Add any other room specific amenities such as hair dryer, towels, bathtub, etc.
Only list the items if the items that are in that specific bathroom.

Step 13: Add our house rules to the bottom of the description

Copy and paste the House Rules from this document and paste that at the bottom of the description. If there are any existing house rules in the description, you should replace them with the ones from the document.

Step 14: Select the correct photo description from the dropdown menu

Do this for each photo.

  • Main- first photo that will appear in search results. This should be the best photo of the interior of the apartment.
  • Interior- photos taken inside the apartment
  • Exterior- photos of the building, building amenities, or neighborhood
  • Property plan- floor plan or map

Step 15: Select the down payment under Photos -> Tax and Fees

Choose the following:

  • Percentage from total price
  • 50%

Step 16: Edit "Arrival Information" under "Check-in/Check-out"

  1. Landlord- Howard
  2. Email-
  3. Phone- +1 646-867-1894
  4. How to arrive at the property- You will receive detailed check-in instructions 2 days before arrival as long as you have paid in full and verified your ID. All properties are self check-in with codes, so you can arrive at your convenience after check-in time.

Step 17: Edit "Payment methods" under "Payments"

Edit description for credit card payments to say- Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover

Use this link-

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