3.08 Using the Airbnb ID's inbox in Front to verify guest IDs

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What is this?

A guide to explain the purpose of, and best practice of, the "Airbnb ID's" inbox in front.

Why is this?

In the near future you will have a more powerful tool to verify IDs but until then we would like to give you the control you need to handle ID verifications. This way you will not need to wait for approval from an admin and guests will feel more taken care of.

Step 1: Open an email in the inbox

If you get a notification that an ID has entered the "Airbnb ID's" inbox, or if a guest tells you they have sent an ID and they would like you to check, open the inbox and open the oldest email. It will look something like this:

Step 2: Assign the email to yourself

After you have opened the email make sure to assign it to yourself. This will allow your admins to keep track of who is responsible for which verified IDs.

Use this guide to assign the email to yourself if you need it.

Step 3: Download the image file

Click the link below "Please upload a photo of your government-issued ID."

Download and then open the image and confirm that it is a state ID or passport. 

Confirm that the name on the ID matches the name listed below "Please enter your full name, as it is listed on your reservation."

Step 4: Find the reservation in Guesty and toggle the ID Verified button to "on"

Follow Step 4a if you don't see the item in the Guesty inbox

Skip to Step 4b if you can find the item in the Guesty inbox

Step 4a: From the Guesty homepage

Open Guesty and search the guests name in the search bar at the top of the page.

Open the reservation with the matching name.

Scroll down to the "Additional Information" Section.

Click button next to "ID verified".

The button should turn from white to green, and the word to the right of the button should change from "No" to "Yes."

Scroll down to the bottom and click save.

Step 4b: From the inbox

Go to the "reservations details" tab on the inbox item. 

If you hover over this tab then a black box will appear that reads "reservation details."

Click the edit "pen" to the right of "EXTRA INFORMATION."

Click the button below "ID VERIFIED."

The button should turn from grey to blue.

Click "APPLY"  to save the change (up and to the right of the button)

Click here for more guidance on editing the EXTRA INFORMATION section.

Step 5: Respond to the guest

If you are already in conversation with the guest on Guesty or Front about the ID verification use the following templates to address their concerns or questions: 

Response Templates for ID Verification Receipt

Step 6: Archive the original email from the Front inbox

This is self explanatory, archive the original email so that the "Open" category of the inbox remains clear.

I can't find the guest name in Guesty

Try the last and first names separately. Sometimes the guests change their name slightly on Airbnb, usually one is correct.

If you still cannot find the name in Guesty then they may be the guest of another person who booked with us who misunderstood and didn't realize only the person booking needs to submit ID. If you can figure out whose guest they are, cool! If not, don't worry about it, just tag Tom and let him know you can't find the guest on Guesty.

Unfortunately there isn't too much we can do when we can't find the name of the guest. Eventually, if the guest has simply entered their name incorrectly or very differently from the way it is spelled on Guesty, we will reach out to the guest again when we haven't verified their ID and then all will be fine anyway. In the future the IDs will be automatically linked to the reservation. but in the meantime this is the best we can do.

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