1471 Girard St DC - Trash Instructions

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Where to take trash/recycling:

We prefer you keep the trash neatly tied in your apartment for the cleaner to remove it.

However you may also take it to the trash bins behind the building if you prefer it.

Directions from the front door of the building:

Walk down Girard St toward 15th St NW.

Turn right onto 15th St NW.

Continue down 15th st for approximately 115 ft (35 meters) and then turn right into the alley behind the building.

The back of the building is rust colored. The bins are in this area, please make sure your trash is tied neatly and carefully placed in the bins.

City trash management procedures

Trash days

Trash pickup is Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tuesday is recycling and commingled.

Friday is just commingled.

Trash must be taken out the evening before.

Before city visit:

  1. Take the bins from right side of the back of the building to the edge of the alley the night before trash pickup days.
  2. Leave the bins in the corners of the parking area without obstructing cars from exiting or entering.
  3. Leave recycling neatly adjacent to the bins if any overflows.
  4. Make sure any extra commingled trash is neatly tied in a separate bag and placed on top of, or next to, the bins.

After City visit:

The afternoon following a trash day the empty bins should be returned to the right side of the parking area.

If the bins are not empty, notify us so that we can inform the city and have it scheduled as a missed cleanup.

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