Guesty Listing Pages and Property Info

Updated 3 years ago by Thomas Berg

There are many ways to get to the listing page.

1. Through the sidebar on inbox items where you can click the link icon to direct you to the listing page

2. Through the multicalendar, where you can click on the listing title/nickname

3. The third is in the reservations tab of guesty, where you can scroll down to the listing section and click on the listing title/nickname

    Using the Property tab in the Listing Page to find property specific info

    The property details tab is very powerful. Here you can find a lot of the information that you previously used helpdocs/google sheets for.

    Here you can see:

    1. Quantity of beds/bathrooms
    2. Full list of amenities (as they would appear to guests)
    3. The main/backup checkin instructions link as well as access codes
    4. WiFi name/password
    5. Building trash instructions
    6. Link to the official airbnb page for the property (you may send this to guests or look at to get a sense of what the guest is seeing)
    7. Google maps link
    8. Local bag storage info and link
    9. Parking, Public transportation and local recommendations


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