Choosing what number to call from in Aircall

Updated 3 years ago by Michael McKay

Aircall allows you to choose which number you want to call from. Follow the rules below for which number you should use to call:

  1. Guest Services- this number should always be used to calls guests
  2. Emergency number- this should only be used to call team members in an Emergency. Follow this article for who to call in an emergency.
  3. City specific numbers- these numbers should be used to communicate with Ground staff, such as cleaners and handymen, in a specific city. E.g. If you want to call a cleaner from Jersey City, you should use the Jersey City, NJ number to call them.
  4. Owners- this number should be used when calling any owners who we manage properties for.

Step 1: Click the dropdown arrow next to "Call Using"

Step 2: Click the number you would like to use to make the call

Step 3: Dial the number as normal

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